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Honored to be part of FIBEM, (International Federation of Beauty, Fashion and Aesthetics). MEXICO

04/05/2020 17:46

Claudio Terribile

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Honored to be part of FIBEM, (International Federation of Beauty, Fashion and Aesthetics). MEXICO

Honored to be part of FIBEM, (International Federation of Beauty, Fashion and Aesthetics). MEXICO




Honored to be part of FIBEM, (International Federation of Beauty, Fashion and Aesthetics). I want to share with you the invitation they sent me and let you know the goals of FIBEM and the friends who are part of it.

International Federation of Beauty and Aesthetic Fashion.

Greetings gladly.

Claudio Terrible

It would be a great honor for the FIBEM International Federation of Aesthetic Beauty and Fashion which was part of this great project as an honorary member since its history, training and professional career make it a point of reference in the field of beauty, aesthetics and fashion . For this reason, I would like to share some of the objectives that FIBEM has.


FIBEM will provide each of its members complete solutions with the highest quality, ethics and professionalism, to the needs of training, integration and diffusion, leading to the introduction and training of new generations of professionals in the world of beauty, aesthetics and aesthetics. fashion. .
"All this through training with official and curricular support, obtaining the recognition that Gremio deserves""


The goal of FIBEM is to be able to give great value to stylists in different areas, guaranteeing documents of curricular and official value, in order to legitimize and recognize professionalisation, obtaining as a reference point in the professional and teaching field . .

Our values

1. Personalized treatment and exclusive dedication.

2. Building trust with students.

3. Particular attention to the quality of the teaching staff and the content of the courses.

4. Identify the motivations of each student and find out the most suitable future.
5. Initiative and results.

6. Commitment to a job well done, perfecting every detail.

7. It always characterizes our work based on the latest fashion and beauty trends.
If you agree and want to add something more to this initiative, we offer you the most cordial invitation to join the federation as an Honorary Member, since we are sure that you will be a member of great value and fame, which together with this initiative that We will be able to contribute to the professionalization and recognition that the union deserves and has been denied for so long.